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  • There’s not much to do outside right now but if there is a lot of snow on the ground, make sure your winter protection is still intact.

  • If there was no significant rainfall, or melting snow, continue to water newly installed plant material if possible.

  • Continue to prune dormant trees & shrubs, but remember that it is getting too late to prune spring bloomers.

  • Make sure to replenish or replace mulch around trees, shrubs and in bed areas to a depth of 2”- 3”.

  • Evergreen shrubs can be rejuvenated with a good pruning.

  • It’s the time to start seeds of cool season vegetables and flowers.

  • Keep the bird feeders clean and filled because if the birds are happy during the winter, they’ll return in the spring.

  • While February is a somewhat lighter month in regards to landscaping there are many things that can be done to prepare for the upcoming gardening season and the best time to start thinking about your landscape design for spring.